Best WordPress sites

WordPress has truly grown to be a powerful software program suited to practically any website application – from brochure style websites to portfolio sites, ecommerce websites, news sites and professional business websites. WordPress is not just for small business and bloggers anymore – here are the industry heavy weights that use WordPress as the force behind their websites:

  • News websites – CNN, New York Observer, Times, Forbes
  • Fortune 500 companies – UPS, eBay, Sony
  • Technology – Samsung, TED Talks, Mashable, Tech Crunch
  • Entertainment – Katy Perry, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, People Magazine
  • Fashion – InStyle, Style Watch, Modelina

Shortie Designs has been designing and developing with WordPress since we opened our doors in 2009, and we are continually impressed with the power and flexibility of the WordPress platform. Every website is able to be customised to our client’s requirements and each design is beautifully unique so that no two websites are the same. As design professionals, we like to keep an eye out on what others are producing on WordPress. Below are our top picks of WordPress website designs that are inspiring us right now.


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